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Florida Financial Advisors Salary

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Florida has a median salary for financial advisers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Florida, there are approximately 6,150 of these professionals working in the Miami Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area. A total of 2,590 work in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area.

Florida Average Salary for Personal Financial Advisors

The highest salaries for personal financial advisors in five Northeastern States, which includes three New England states as well as two Middle Atlantic states, are expected to be earned in the New England states. New York, New Jersey and North Carolina are other states that have high salaries. Below is a breakdown of salaries for personal financial advisors by state.

The average annual salary of a personal financial advisor in Florida is $73,724 - a slight increase over the national average of $63,988. However, bonuses do not count towards this salary. In Florida, the highest paying area is Port St Lucie with a median salary of $129,720. West Palm Beach, Boca Raton Beach and Boynton Beach are the second highest paid regions. The lowest paying area is Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville with a median salary of $49,900.

The starting salary for finance advisors in America

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Board of Labor Statistics), starting salaries for Florida's finance advisors range from $29 248 to $105,717 each year. Financial advisors also receive a guaranteed minimum income that doesn't fluctuate, and is paid regardless if they perform well. The highest-paid advisers in finance make more than $140,000 a year.

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Boca Raton (Cape Coral), Hollywood, and Hollywood are among the most highly-paid cities for entry-level financial advisers in Florida. These cities pay $32,887 above the Florida average.

Average salary of financial advisors within metro areas

The average salary for financial advisors in Florida varies by city. Miami-Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach has 6,150 financial advisors. By contrast, the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area is home to about 2,590 financial advisors.

In this study, the median income of finance advisors was $145,980. This is higher than average employee salaries and ranks fourth among all 50 metro areas. This area also had twice the number of people searching for a financial advisor than the national average. In addition, 29% of households in the city earn more than $200K a year.

Performance-based fees: Compensation

Florida financial advisors have the option of a salary-based, commission-based or performance-based compensation. This latter option is more common with larger organizations, regional broker/dealers and independent contractors. Financial advisor compensation packages typically include benefits, healthcare, and retirement plans. In some instances, compensation can be as a percentage of assets under administration (AUM).

Asset-based charges are calculated on the account’s total value at year-end. An advisor managing a million-dollar account might charge $8.500 the first year, and $8.900 the second. Based on the account's actual value, the fees are reassessed each month or annually. If the account value decreases, fees can be less.

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Conflicts of interests for financial advisors

Florida financial advisers can accept commissions without any legal restrictions. However, conflicts of interest could exist in the advisor's business activities. This could be a relationship with third parties, or an affiliation with another financial institution. It is difficult to identify conflicts of interest. Nevertheless, the rules give advisors a framework to avoid or disclose any potential conflicts.

Florida Financial Advisors often charge their clients an annually fee for their investment management services. The fee is usually a percentage on the total assets they manage. This fee can vary from 1.40% to 265 percent. The fee will vary depending on the portfolio's assets and future earnings capacity. The fees that Florida financial advisors charge depend on each client's particular circumstances.


What is retirement plan?

Retirement planning is an essential part of financial planning. You can plan your retirement to ensure that you have a comfortable retirement.

Retirement planning means looking at all the options that are available to you. These include saving money for retirement, investing stocks and bonds and using life insurance.

How does Wealth Management work

Wealth Management involves working with professionals who help you to set goals, allocate resources and track progress towards them.

Wealth managers assist you in achieving your goals. They also help you plan for your future, so you don’t get caught up by unplanned events.

They can also be a way to avoid costly mistakes.

What is investment risk management?

Risk Management refers to managing risks by assessing potential losses and taking appropriate measures to minimize those losses. It involves monitoring and controlling risk.

An integral part of any investment strategy is risk management. The goal of risk management is to minimize the chance of loss and maximize investment return.

These are the main elements of risk-management

  • Identifying the source of risk
  • Monitoring and measuring the risk
  • Controlling the risk
  • Manage your risk

What is a Financial Planning Consultant? And How Can They Help with Wealth Management?

A financial planner is someone who can help you create a financial plan. They can analyze your financial situation, find areas of weakness, then suggest ways to improve.

Financial planners, who are qualified professionals, can help you to create a sound financial strategy. They can assist you in determining how much you need to save each week, which investments offer the highest returns, as well as whether it makes sense for you to borrow against your house equity.

Financial planners are usually paid a fee based on the amount of advice they provide. Certain criteria may be met to receive free services from planners.

Do I need a retirement plan?

No. These services don't require you to pay anything. We offer free consultations, so that we can show what is possible and then you can decide whether you would like to pursue our services.

How to Beat Inflation With Savings

Inflation refers to the increase in prices for goods and services caused by increases in demand and decreases of supply. Since the Industrial Revolution, people have been experiencing inflation. The government regulates inflation by increasing interest rates, printing new currency (inflation). There are other ways to combat inflation, but you don't have to spend your money.

You can, for example, invest in foreign markets that don't have as much inflation. Another option is to invest in precious metals. Two examples of "real investments" are gold and silver, whose prices rise regardless of the dollar's decline. Precious metals are also good for investors who are concerned about inflation.


  • According to Indeed, the average salary for a wealth manager in the United States in 2022 was $79,395.6 (investopedia.com)
  • Newer, fully-automated Roboadvisor platforms intended as wealth management tools for ordinary individuals often charge far less than 1% per year of AUM and come with low minimum account balances to get started. (investopedia.com)
  • As previously mentioned, according to a 2017 study, stocks were found to be a highly successful investment, with the rate of return averaging around seven percent. (fortunebuilders.com)
  • US resident who opens a new IBKR Pro individual or joint account receives a 0.25% rate reduction on margin loans. (nerdwallet.com)

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Florida Financial Advisors Salary